15 December 2006

The Ashes 2006 - the best supporters in the world?

Can England still do it?

It is my second day of watching it live on the internet.

After this morning? I don't think so. I would say that Ponting is in for the duration now, no chance of getting him out.

I watched it live on my PC whilst working this morning, I really thought we had the chance.

Sadly it seems to be drifting out of our hands. The Aussies are jeering and cheering but all the time, barmy army is clapping and chanting.

Are we Brit's the greatest losing supporters in the world? I hope not, but I have seen too many a tear shed after losing something in sport, whether it be a penalty shoot-out or a missed try, we always lose when we expect or deserve to win.

I pose this question..are us Brits the best and most loyal supporters in the World?

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