14 September 2009

Moved over to blog.kevindixie.com

I moved this blog over to blog.kevindixie.com a while back, feel free to keep up-to-date over there, anything La Rochelle specific will be on here.

15 April 2009

Carnaval La Rochelle

Another year, this time I tried the new lens..

14 April 2009

La Rochelle - Ryanair - - Have they scrapped flights?

UPDATE 14 Sept 09: They have scrapped flights, see my post about Ryanair stopping flights to La Rochelle

Just looking at various sites and could find nothing to explain the sudden apparent loss of Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday flights from La Rochelle to London Stansted. This post is purely to see if anyone has any inside knowledge and indeed want to start a conversation as to why Ryanair appear to have stopped flying from London to La Rochelle on Saturdays.

It must be a marketing ploy, I can think of no other reason..

BTW I stopped writing regualar posts on this La Rochelle blog as I felt I covered most subjects but if anyone wishes, it can continue.

UPDATE 14 Sept 09: They have scrapped flights, see my post about Ryanair stopping flights to La Rochelle

21 June 2008

Fete de la Musique - La Rochelle

Today, Saturday the 21st June is a great day to be in La Rochelle. It is the annual "fete de la musique". What does this mean?

Every year on solstice day France celebrates with a huge music festival. Now, dear reader, when I say huge, I mean massive. Last year there were around 3-500,000 watching the bands in the streets. La Rochelle is a reasonable large city and just about every square will have a band in it, starting from 10am today lasting until 2am in the morning. Click here to open the pdf agenda.

Pictures and videos will follow tomorrow.

Rock on!

27 May 2008

Photo's of the Cavalcade in La Rochelle

So here are some snaps of what went on this weekend in La Rochelle.

Tip for the organiser of the carnival, please do try to get the "floats" and bands/people walking closer to one and other, waiting 20 mins between some "floats" was too much for the average viewer. It made the entire parade take over two hours to pass us and must have been an age for those waiting at the old Port in the centre of La Rochelle!

All in all a reasonable day out, just could be more local businesses involved and a better website promoting it, maybe they could ask me next year to help?!

Waiting for the parade to catch up!

20 May 2008

Cavalcade of La Rochelle

If you are lucky enough to be in La Rochelle this weekend, you are in for a big party.

The Cavalcade of La Rochelle is a weekend of floats, bands, street animation and hundreds of thousands of people celebrating the start of summer. It starts on Saturday 24th May and finished on Sunday. Last year, we witnessed the float parade at around midnight in the old port, probably having a beer or two in Fitzpatrick's Irish Bar (my local pub!).

It passes right through the City of La Rochelle and should not be missed, if you are around, leave a comment we could have a beer or two ;-) If you have young children, be sure to go on the Sunday as Saturday is a late one, finishes around 1-2am!

14 May 2008

La Rochelle Gites for hire

Friends of ours own some amazing gites in La Rochelle and have finally set up a blog and website to promote them a bit. They have some free slots available this summer so take a look by clicking here!

La Rochelle has hundreds and possibly thousands of holiday homes available to rent and this year with 11 direct flights from the UK and Ireland, La Rochelle is set to be busier then ever. If you wanted to have a relaxing week or two surrounded by sunflower fields, our pals gites are perfect (this year in any case, the crops can be rotated!).

What is a gite? It is basically a self-contained house or apartment (generally house with large grounds) with every utensil required to spend a few weeks living like a local or relaxing in peace. In the USA I guess these are called Villas or Condo's to rent?

Why am I promoting their website and blog? They are friends, I want their website and business to succeed and more importantly, would love to meet more fuelmyblog people in La Rochelle this summer. Am also thinking of hosting a blog meet up on the beach, with free wine and wifi organised and we could even live blog it! Take a look and if interested, drop them a line. If you fancy meeting up in La Rochelle, drop me one ;-)