20 December 2006

Blogging - How many of us do it?

So, today's blog was going to open the debate about veil wearing in the UK. I can't start it yet as I don't know for sure what the story is here, it seems that a criminal escaped from Blighty wearing a veil. Once there is more info, I will address this with a debate.

So, onto today's topic. Blogging.

I was wondering just how many people blog? I have read reports that around 50 million are doing it. If that is fact, and the biggest blogging country is France, why is it that I have not met another blogger yet?

I love them. My wife reads them, and she seeks all sorts of advice from them.

Is the blog the greatest tool that is the result of the Internet? When you think of the Internet, you think of news and shopping. Blogging brings it all to you but normally, it is matter of fact and from the heart.

Blogging in the new documentary. I wonder how long before there is a blogumentary series on TV. Maybe there already has been. Let me know.

I would like some real stats on blogging, if you have any, post them in the comments.

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