06 December 2006

Pixelotto - I have bought some - the statistics so far

Ok, I admit it, I bought some advertising space on www.pixelotto.com . I did it yesterday morning.

Why did I?

I wanted to see just how many hits you can get from the site. I have just had a comment on another post from a "Alessio" saying they have had 2,000 unique visitors after buying a banner. I have also read a blog with somebody saying they had 9,000!!

Is this actually spin from somebody at pixelotto or is it true? My site so far (first full day of advertising today) has had a total 69 hits from pixelotto. 69 unique visitors. Not 2,000 or 9,000 but 69. I bought three pixels at $600. Not cheap but worth it if I could achieve click through rate of 2,000 plus per day.

So, what about my true site stat's?

I have various tracking facilities in place and Lycos states my rate as 4 clicks from pixelotto today, 45 yesterday, that is 49 in total. Google analytics gives me a rate of 15 clicks yesterday and 8 today. Not really the thousands expected or heard about in the press.

Every day I will post an update on these figures giving you a true insight as to whether pixel adverts work or not! I would like to know if you have bought some adverts and what your real click through rate is.

PS. If you are interested, my banner says "find us", about my site findyourfleet. Can you see it?


Anonymous said...

That's unbeleivable! I was also quite surprized why would a guy write he's having so much visitors? This is against human nature! You only post stuff if something's bad, not good :)

And check this out, copycatters arrvied! Already! What a speed: www.pixel-raffle.com

k.dixie said...

It seems the world is trying to copy him again. The fact is that this form of pixel advertising is floored.

Anonymous said...

i bought a $200 space.
its just a small green $ sign.
dec 5 = 129
dec 6 = 110
dec 7 = 80
dec 8 = 70
there are mostly players.

michael said...

Pixelotto vs tickettoamillion

I launched my website


on the same day as Alex. I had the idea six months ago and registered the domain name on the 16th August. The same concept but a one of attempt to get rid of my debt.

Please note this is not a copy cat website but my own individual effort to get rid of my mountains of student debt. I had this idea back in August, but the only little problem was I didn’t have a computer or know how to build a website. But by borrowing a computer from my little brother and by selling the idea to people and offering them free adverts on my site, I have managed to convince various IT companies and programmers to give me the help to complete this project.

So please come visit my website if only to see how similar they are. Also ask yourselves this question - where did Alex get the idea for this second website???

He is very careful not to say anywhere on his website or on his email that he sent to previous customers, when and how he thought of this second twist and dosnt even claim its a unique idea (strange dont you think!). His PR people have so far been unable to answer me the simple question of when/where and how he got this idea for the website?? All I want is an answer - but it doesnt look like im going to get one.

Alex Filatov said...

Could you please tell me what stats are now?