13 December 2006

Pixelotto - true statistics from my advert

So, here is the latest statistical update. I know it seems I am obsessed with this site but I want to see if anyone else is getting good responses or not? These are stats from the site:-

Total clicks: 202 (includes 119 clicks by registered Pixelotto players)
This advert received its first click on 05 December 2006.
Average clicks per day since then: 22
Clicks by day
05 Dec 06 41
06 Dec 06 45
07 Dec 06 21
08 Dec 06 20
09 Dec 06 13
10 Dec 06 7
11 Dec 06 23
12 Dec 06 21
13 Dec 06 11

The fact is that my site has had a real total of 70 according to google analytics.

What is true? I suspect that the edge has gone from Pixelotto. If you look at the site, not much is happening, very few new adverts. My theory is that for Pixelotto to succeed now, Alex Tew needs to spend some money on advertising or promotion.

Now its your turn, how many hits have you had??


Anonymous said...


I just read your post. You stats are about the same as mine.
You can see my stats here:

Alex said...
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Alex said...


I've created website that calculates who have bought pixels and how much.
Here is: Pixelotto Report

Maybe you find your website there? :)

Kind regards,

k.dixie said...

You'll not need your site Alex. I have already told how much I spent!

Of course I feature on your site, let's hope some others speak out here too!!!

Craig Williams said...


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Craig Williams