04 December 2006

Pixelotto - an update

I was the first blog on the internet to talk about pixelotto.com, the new site by Alex Tew.

When I first mentioned it, this blog and the site itself were the only links on google, five days later there are now over 10,900 links on google.

The guy has once again created huge amounts of web talk and now it seems revenue. One thing to remember, getting this sort of publicity needs cash. He started the milliondollar site with a press release and a great unique idea, followed up with around £50k advertising, the other 'copy cat' sites try to exist off the back of his idea, will never work or generate the same form of income.


Now he has free traffic and people want to promote it free..just makes you sick doesn't it!

Wonder if there is a target market for this sort of thing in France, the land of cheese, wine and dog poo everywhere!!


Rob said...

I beat him too it. I honestly did. And with a better concept too. The odds of winning my competition are much greater! You can check my site out here http://www.cashcells.co.uk .Cheers.

Alessio said...

I have bought a banner on pixelotto.com, I'm receiving 2000 unique visitors per day!!!