18 January 2007

10 Different ways to get more Blog Readers including a photo of your lunch!

This is direct from my other blog over at www.fuelmyblog.com . I must appologise for the lack of posts recently, normal service will resume soon!

After reading over 400 blogs in the past two weeks, launching http://www.fuelmyblog.com/ I now am able to offer some blogging advice! What works for me may not work for you but I am open to debate here as a new 'power reader!'

1. Don't just post "Paid for" or "Sponsored Posts", slide them in among good personal posts.

2. Use classy photographs - not blurred images.

3. Always write when sober!

4. Try to be the first with news - I broke Beckham leaving Spain before the BBC!

5. If nothing happened that day, don't say "nothing happened today" - If I read a blog for the first time and see that, I wouldn't go back again, would you?

6. Write about your everyday life, getting to work, shopping, we may be in different areas of the World, different cultures are interesting.

7. Don't just talk about your kids.

8. Allow comments

9. Make sure your template is easy to read.

10. Take photo of your lunch, we all eat and I find it interesting! Mine is below, feel free to add a photo of yours!


Jonathan said...

I would tend to think that slotting ANY externally sourced posts into your blog is a bad thing to do.

People visit your blog for YOUR opinions - not some story that has been ripped from elsewhere and packaged to make an easy buck from the adsense banners...

k.dixie said...

Yes I would agree, however, I read over 50 blogs per day and as a lot of bloggers write to make some money, the best they can do is integrate it into their posts. Continually writing paid stuff will lose you readers that is fact.

Great forum again!

Desiree said...

LOL That was a delightful post! My favorite advice was always blog sober!


I like the plate...is it red or pink? Do you know the brand? Yes, some people are interested in your lunch. :-)