09 March 2007

The strangest story I have read in 13 years

I am over in the UK for a few days to speak with my new team behind my new website and with the family and I just read the most bizarre story!! This story came up, and I had to write about it, these things only happen once or twice in a lifetime..

I bought the sun newspaper this morning and read this headline:-

"Mechanic: I have sex with cars".

WHAT!!! I read again, the sun had written a whole article about it, turns out a guy called Chris Donald (why are they all called Chris Donald!!), a mechanic that lives in "The West Country" (that is South-West of England) claimed that he has had sex with over 30 different models of car, two motor boats and a jet ski. He even has a website...

Well that's it for me. I must be dreaming everything right now! Oh, you don't believe me? Read it for yourself...


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