21 August 2007

Review of my New Year Predictions

On the 1st January 2007, I predicted ten things, It is now nearly September so time to review them and see where we are at:-

My predictions for 2007 were:-

1. A famous young celebrity will die because of crack addiction, shocking the world into doing something about it.
Not happened as yet, but I have a feeling that there are two candidates in the UK helping kids focus on the bad side of fame, namely Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, I hope they clean up.

2. Fidel Castro will die and Cuba will become part of the USA.
Again, he is still alive and I doubt Cuba will change..

3. Bin Laden will be found dead in a big city.
Strange one this, he is starting to talk again, so we will see.

4. The spice girls to take over the world's music scene.
Greatest hits album coming out and World Tour. Got it right I think.

5. Robbie Williams to get married to an equally big celeb and divorce within three months.
He has been quiet so time for some publicity, would be good for him.

6. Britney Spears to make some music.
In the recording studio but she needs help.

7. Spurs to make it to the Champions League and win UEFA Cup.
Made Semi-final of cup and narrowly missed the Champions League by one place.

8. Fuelmyblog.com will be the next big thing.
Will be, I am working on that!

9. I will do a triathlon..somehow!
I broke a toe the week before, and missed it, getting back into shape, still time.

10. Finally...a major political leader to be assassinated, the world to be in shock like JFK.
Saddam Hussein was assassinated but that was around the time I wrote this so doesn't really count, will have to wait and see.

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