15 November 2007

Mahalo - Fuelmyblog

I have been a fan of Jason Calacanis for a long time and really admire Mahalo, I see it more than a search engine, more of an online encyclopedia, with some great creative reviews and to do guides.

So why am I writing about it here? Basically, I would love his guys to review my blogging community, fuelmyblog.com and write a page about it, so we have to ask for them to put us on the MahaloToDo list, maybe they will pick up on this and write one for us.

We would also like Jason to join in on our new book "the human behind the avatar" and help us promote it, every penny we would make from the sale of each book (15%) is going to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres charity, we will have this book ready for delivery by Christmas, the main aim is to show people that although we have avatars, there are real people behind them, real people that have hearts. We haven't yet started to promote the idea and Jason would be great to help us.

Why else? Well, we have recently added the new friends widget, this is in effect, a visual blog roll, it allows the fuel users to add their friends and arrange them in an easy to click voting space. Why should anyone be interested in fuelmyblog? It is a great community for new bloggers, for example, this is generally what happens when a blogger sets up a new blog, they generally go to blogger or wordpress, write a few posts, then tell their friends and family.. after a few weeks, their friends and family tend to drop off and the new blogger is alone. Fuelmyblog allows the new blogger the opportunity to find like minded bloggers, get new readers and win prizes. We would love Mahalo to write a page about fuelmyblog and hopefully help bloggers find new readers. So, please add this request to the MahaloToDo list and fingers crossed that we get a page. Thanks guys.

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Matthew Wayne said...

We've created http://www.mahalo.com/Fuelmyblog.com per your request. Mahalo!