21 November 2006

Dog Poo in France

So on to todays hot topic...well warm normally..

Dog poo.

Why is it that 70% of the population of France have dogs and yet only 1% carry any sort of bag to clean up the mess? As time goes by, and we are adjusting to life in France very easily, the only problem we encounter on a daily basis is dog poo...everywhere. Why do the French in general not clean up after their chien?

I am not joking, every street had piles of the stuff. I have no idea what these 'mutts' are fed but I swear some of the piles glow.

What can we do about it? Apart from writing to the Mayor and posting all manor of comments on forums, I am thinking of marketing the following:-

A nappy for dogs. Would the French be happy to dress their pets with one? I am not sure but I for one am on a crusade!

I would love to hear from some French that have dogs that regularly poo everywhere, why do you do it???

To buy one, click the link below!


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