23 November 2006

The Ashes 2006 - Watch it online

It has started. The ashes 2006 in Australia has finally started...

Excitement is at its highest again, testosterone levels are raised, chests expanded and the Barmy Army have started chanting in Melbourne...not that I can watch it...

I surfed the web until 11.45pm (French time) looking at every possible site that might show some sort of live streaming, nothing..What I thought i'd do was get up early and listen to it on BBC Radio 5 dead (live sorry).

7.15am..there has been a power cut, sod it, missed the bloody lot. The score..346-3.

The hero, Ponting.


I knew in my heart that we'd roll over and die but not this easily.

How annoying is it that since Sky have bought the rights to cricket, the average person is now forced to wait up until 11.45pm to watch highlights on BBC 2. That is 12.45am for me. No chance. That's it. All I can do this year is listen to match reports on Talksport.

If anyone has managed to watch the cricket online, please let me know..

I would like to know what you think, will England retain the ashes? After listening to some reports, I'd say no, but what do I know, I have to rely on the press!

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Sportingo said...


Do you plan on writing more articles on the Ashes series? I know you think England has rolled over and died, but I'm not convinced as of yet. If you would be interested in writing than I would like to speak with you about publishing.