30 November 2006

Pixelotto - Alex Tew of the milliondollar homepage returns

Alex Tew, you will remember him as the young student that made a million bucks launching the milliondollar homepage is back. His new site is called www.pixelotto.com . He has launched a 'teaser' on the milliondollar website followed by a standard email sign-up form, requesting an opt-in (legal requirement).

I have a fair idea what pixelotto will be doing, he has a good PR agent behind him and I guess, we'll all be buying pixels on his new site www.pixelotto.com soon, as he is promising to make the public rich this time. Will we fall for it? Lets wait and see.

I am instructing his PR agent, also mentioned in his blog, to take a look at my offer coming out on Sunday, free flights for every SME in the uk. See my business www.findyourfleet.com for more details.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don’t belive this I beat him to it! I’ve already set up two sites, both working around this concept!
The first one is www.cashcells.co.uk : This site offers the user clicking on the adverts the chance to win $$$, the total size of the prize is directly related to the number of adverts.
The second site is www.microlotto.co.uk : This site gives the advertiser who buys a square the chance to win in a sort of ‘cell lottery’ set up. Check em out!

Anonymous said...

Pixels for only a penny at the typo of Pixelotto:


Pixelotto said...

The site will just be launched 2 days from now and he already sold around $100k

I'm covering the whole story here:

Alessio said...

i have bought a banner on pixelotto.com, i'm receiving 2000 unique visitors per day!!!

Beloy said...

See Pixelotto News in unique format: