29 November 2006

What's hot in the French world of music

French music has taken its fair share of beatings in the past, every month, I am going to list the up and coming singers or groups or indeed those that you won't know that have already made it big here. I say I am, what I mean is that you are, I have no idea!

The stars of the future are currently singing for their keep every week on Star Academy. I predict a future for a couple of them, Cyril and Dominique...

Top French music at the moment is a real mixture of young talent and establish stars, both English and American music dominates but the future is not so bleak, the following are great:-

Anais - The Cheap Show (Use of electronic gadget called a jamman, only person on stage)

Anis - La Chance (very French music sung just as you would expect to hear in a cafe)

Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55 (Sexiest sounding English voice ever)

Olivia Ruiz - La Femme Chocolat (Was in Star Academy 1, quirky and fresh)

Kaolin - Melanger les couleurs (Rock band. New album. Cool)

Still, just watched Johnny Hallyday's Flashback Tour live on tv...I just keep pinching myself, is it one big dream..I just don't get it..French music that is..

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