23 November 2006

Ségolène Royal or Casino Royale?

So, I have been watching France 3 news with interest over the past few weeks.

I have now arrived at the following conclusion. France's potential new leader was picked by Sony in order to promote their new film Casino Royale. If you say them quickly, they sound one and the same. I asked my wife a few days ago (I wasn't watching, just looking) "why do the French news channels keep going on non-stop about Casino Royale".

As a Brit, we are born with 007 in our roots, but the French??

"My darling" she said, a patronising righteous start "they are talking about golène Royal, the lady that has just won the race to represent the Socialist party in the run for the presidency in 2007". "Who?" I needed to find out more about her, and why she was the first female ever chosen at this level. Am I, up until now, the only person to link Bond and French politics?

After some research, I have the following finding.

golène Royal is the President of the region I live in, Poitou-Charentes. She is 53, has four children and sounds like the newley released Bond film.

Another thing, she is quite sexy. FHM in France voted her 6th out of world's top 100 sexy women.

Lets take a look at the following and who would you vote for:-

Exactly. A no-brainer.

So, in answer to my initial thoughts, I believe either of the two reasons I have presented means she is now going to win the next election and be France's new President next year..Let's face it, Monsieur Chirac is 71 now, and certainly not sexy.

What do you think?

Is Sony films playing a part in the win or something to do with being sexy?
Or maybe, just maybe, her beliefs?

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