27 November 2006

Things you miss from home

I have been thinking hard about what I miss from England.

Aside from the usual things like family and friends, I am trying to compile a long list.

I need as many comments as possible about what you miss from 'home'. Mine are as follows:-

KFC (of any shape or form)
Custard creams
Cadburys Chocolate
Hot curry
Chillie crisps
Good peanuts
A real uk spring roll not a nem chinoise!
Bitter or real ale
Peanut butter
Ready meal

Please add to my small list by clicking on comments below, i'll include you in my book!


Anonymous said...

KFC you can find in some places at least around Paris.

Good peanuts are avaible from supermarkets.

If you know where to look you can find retty decent Vietnamese nem rolls.

Peanut butter and cider are quite easily accessible from most supermarkets also.

warebloke said...


However, I have no KFC here in SW France!

Peanuts are never dry roasted enough..

I want English style spring rolls!

What do you miss?

Anonymous said...

Ah i don't know about English style spring rolls, but for the peanuts you can always buy them fresh and roast them yourself I guess.

I'm a French currently living in South East Asia and I dearly miss decent beefsteaks... I miss the bread also (the one they have here is just fine, full of fruits and cereals, it's excellent, but I still miss my baguette).

k.dixie said...

I thank you for the reply. I would miss the bread if I went back to England, French bread is the best. Just been to monoprix and have bought some lovely steaks for dinner ce soir. Still miss KFC though, I never even ate it in the UK.