29 November 2006

Marketing a website with free flights?

Is there an easy way to get my business site looked at thousands of times per day?

I am just about to launch a press release that will be seen by hundreds of thousands (my last was seen by 142,000) but how do I get them to click on my site?

Without buying this book, I'll need help!

I am talking to a couple of airlines and am going to be offering free flights to every SME business in the UK with a fleet of vehicles.

I have a business that supplies satellite navigation and also a world first product just being launched to the UK. http://www.findyourfleet.com

How can I get my Alexa rank higher and increase my daily hit rate?

Right now, my site is number one on google when I type the name of the site but I cannot get the hit rates up.

I have had loads of SEO emails and tag editors etc, there must be an easy way?

Any advice would be great.

I would be happy for someone to offer me some website tweaking advice!

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