28 December 2006

The Ashes - Live Streaming

I have been in-undated with requests about how to watch the ashes live on the PC over the past few days.

I am going to break a few hearts I think now but...I am in the UK until Friday. I have no access to the free cricket web site as it is at my house in France. I sent the links over but the email never arrived. I will try to retrieve the link from somebody that I sent it to before.

I am very sorry.

I will email personally everyone that asked me for the link, next Saturday. I know it is no good then, but I hope that it helps for the future as they'll be other cricket matches that are only shown on satellite.

Hope your Christmas went well..

1 comment:

janzjottings said...

I think we're better off trying to avoid watching cricket at the moment, don't you?