01 January 2007

New Year Hangover?

So..here we are again, facing a new year. The above picture is there to cheer me up today!

What will happen in the next year depends on what you do. How many have decided to stop smoking, how many have quit the booze? One thing is for sure, today is the first day of the year. Celebrate it, enjoy it and get ready for a big year.

My predictions for 2007:-

1. A famous young celebrity will die because of crack addiction, shocking the world into doing something about it.

2. Fidel Castro will die and Cuba will become part of the USA.

3. Bin Laden will be found dead in a big city.

4. The spice girls to take over the world's music scene.

5. Robbie Williams to get married to an equally big celeb and divorce within three months.

6. Britney Spears to make some music.

7. Spurs to make it to the Champions League and win UEFA Cup.

8. Fuelmyblog.com will be the next big thing.

9. I will do a triathlon..somehow!

10. Finally...a major political leader to be assassinated, the world to be in shock like JFK.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol i doubt your Robbie Williams prediction will come true :) but your list is very interesting, thanks.