21 December 2006

How many shopping days until Christmas?

It confuses me! Every day, another advert..only xxx number of days left to get your presents. You go online, there are even less, who leaves it to the last minute these days?

Is it just me?

I've got nothing yet. Actually, that is a lie. I got my sons lego starwars thing posted to the UK a few weeks back.

For the rest of my family, you are going to have to wait and see! See what is in the shops tomorrow. My guess is that they'll get (from me) a big bowl of nuts, couple of oranges (just like the old days)..

Wait a second, did you really get a couple of oranges and a few nuts? I would love to have some fact here on this. I reckon that the nuts would have been expensive, if life was like that, didn't the dad make stuff out of wood? A gun for example? I grant you, that is a good gun!

Christmas can't have been anything to look forward to, eat an old bit of bird, couple of veg, an orange a couple of nuts. no...I don't believe it. Dad or Mum must have made something?

My Dad would have made me something, he did in the 70's, we weren't hard up, he made me things..

So come on then, what did you really get?

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