23 December 2006

My blog is getting more readers!

When my site went live yesterday, www.fuelmyblog.com, I have gained an extra 49 readers. That is 49 more readers before launching to the public.

If I am right, www.fuelmyblog.com should almost guarantee more readers for everyone advertising. I am not most read blog either on the site either.

Does £50 represent good value for money? Well, the only reason I set up this site was to find more blogs to read and get more to read mine. I have already achieved that. £50 represents a one off payment. The site is guaranteed to be live for 5 years. Is £10 per year a lot of money?

You need to decide what you want to achieve out of your blog. Do you want more readers? Do you want to make money from your blog? Do you want to get your blog published as a book? Ultimately, if www.fuelmyblog.com generates more readership, you will achieve what you want.

If you have already advertised or want to advertise, think of this first. The only way people will find out about this site is if we all write about it. The more links to it, the more hits we all get.

Today has seen the launch of my press release, at the time of writing, over 3,000 PR agencies have picked up on it. I will keep promoting the site but without good write ups, none of us will gain any advantage.

Have a great Christmas and keep on blogging!

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