22 December 2006

Flying home for Christmas?

The BBC this morning put a bit of a dampener on things.

Every domestic flight cancelled....fog set to stay until Christmas...no flights....sleeping in tents..

Ok so I made the last bit up but hey!

I am due to fly to the UK on Sunday with my brood. Hearing things like that really worries you when you need to get home!

You see, all of my kids presents are in the UK. Just the kids. I am off in a minute to get the adults. Imagine if we don't get back...The kids will have nothing, in fact, see my earlier blog, they will get an orange!!!

But seriously, what would I do?

No idea. None whatsoever. I couldn't drive back, that would take 12 hours and not even be sure of getting on the train. I heard that the UK road network is snarled up this morning too (no surprise).

So, I am going to ring my friends at Ryanair and see if the will change my tickets free as they mentioned on their website this morning. If they say no, and our flights are cancelled, we are in danger of letting the Santa truth out once and for all..and that, won't be easy to tell!

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