05 January 2007

The final ashes 2006/7

Ok, 131/9 after 25 minutes. Shane Warne is clapped on.

Absolutely disgusting.

England should now offer every single penny they have been collectively paid and donate it to charity.

English cricket, football and rugby is at an all time low...We can;t even win at darts or snooker.

No. I am finished. I am sick of watching overpaid 'stars' under performing.

KP advertising watches in the London Underground, what gives him the right?

Freddie and his overflowing pots of cash?

Beckham's millions, no. Show me a cup or trophy, I will come back.

COME ON ENGLAND...LET'S STOP THE ROT. No more, you want to see our fight and character as fans, you gotta earn it.

So, from now , I am launching "Watch England for free until they win in any sport!"

What do you think?

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