06 January 2007

The Sun Newspaper

So, I am still awake, it is nearly 1am in France. I am launching the new site fuelmyblog.com (more later) and I thought I'd read the Sun for the first time in weeks, online.

Now is it me but...They are a bite behind aren't they? http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,4-2007000558,00.html I mentioned this Britney Spears thing on the 22nd December. Come on the Sun. You must surely have more to mention than that???

Attn. The Sun Newspapers.

Why not employ me to work for you? I three weeks ahead of the stories you publish!!

No seriously, I miss the old currant bun. A little bit of sport and celeb bullshit never hurt anyone. .did it?

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