19 October 2007

La Rochelle Cakes!

I live in a small city called La Rochelle in South West France.

For the past year and a bit, I have walked past a shop that sells possibly the best cakes (to look at) on Earth! I have always promised to treat myself one day to the one that looked like a small plate of spaghetti. That day was yesterday.

Guess what flavour it was..I had no idea before I bought it. It was delicious!

The shop is called D'Jolly and it is near Place Verdun in the centre. If you ever visit La Rochelle, you must have a cup of tea or coffee and a cake there!


Drew said...

That looks like an interesting cake. Was it chocolate?

Sports Fan said...

The spaghetti was a kind of Chestnut fondant, inside, cream and more fondant and well, was great!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I will ALWAYS remember that shop, I lived just around the corner and passed it everyday on my way to Monoprix! I could spend hours just looking at their cakes, they are works of art! And yet I could never stretch the purse strings enough to taste one!