23 October 2007

Mark Cueto Try in the Rugby World Cup Final 2007

I have watched this clip many times now. I still do not see how it was disallowed? I know Australian TV referee Stuart Dickinson has now totally defended his controversial decision to disallow a try by England winger Mark Cueto in the Rugby World Cup final.

Many England and some neutral rugby fans claim the decision probably cost the defending champions the chance to beat South Africa. Jake White even privately told Lawrence Dallaglio (mentioned on the BBC's Inside Sport last night) that he thought it was a try.

But Dickinson told The Guardian newspaper in London that he was certain he made the right decision.

"I'm 100 percent happy with the decision,"

"We looked at some footage of it late last night and factually the decision is indisputable."

"Of course the players are disappointed."

"If they weren't, you would be disappointed in them as elite athletes."

I have got the clip below, you tell me..


Hubert said...

Mate, i've got to say that i agree with the ref, just before Cueto goes down for the try, his left foot has touched the line so for me it's not a try for me...


Sports Fan said...

No worries!

I do think the best team won, but oooh that try!