18 December 2007

Banned because I live in France!

A website just shut its door on France, 1938media.com. Why? See here.
(Of course I can't see it so it may be a dud link!) I can however see Techcrunch so the link to the story is here.

Now Loic Le Meur has apologised here, so can you take the country ban off please Loren?

I mean, I am English so maybe just allow my IP?!!

Here is the screen shot of 1938media site right now for me.

My take on the whole episode is that Seesmic is a great idea and is in pre-alpha which means it is there to be taken shots at but is also saying we are a work in progress so be patient. I have had similar attacks about my site.
This is what trying to create a difference brings you, normally elation and satisfaction, sometimes pain. Loic took the bait, why?, because he probably lives and breathes seesmic and is running at 200%, with not enough sleep and when you get a horrible critique under emotional pressure and tiredness, that is what happens.

A bad review feels like someone has attacked your child (I am qualified to say that!). Running a start up is hard, harder than anyone who hasn't tried will ever know especially when online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But it is all great fun at the same time :-)


steven edward streight said...

I like good old fashioned blogocombat.

This "ship shoddy, but ship first", "first mover" mentality is nothing but hype for mediocrity.

Crap code is crap code.

Inviting people to waste time at a dysfunctional Web 2.0 site is worse than arrogant and stupid.

Alpha and Beta sites are simply lazy, cheap, or ignorant people trying to get free usability analysis and code fixes from chumps, er, early adaptors.

I like France and Derrida and Rimbaud and Proust, however.

Came here from Twitter.



Kevin D said...

Ahh Monsieur Vaspers.

Welcome to my humble abode. Normally not a lot goes on here though, I just blog about France and my odd thoughts! My blog.fuelmyblog.com had a great guest post yesterday though, one you'd like :-)

steven edward streight said...

It's always fun and can be wise to piggyback onto some other dude's controversy, as in the Loren Feldman debacle or whatever it seems to be.

Anonymous said...

The ban has been lifted.

KevinD said...

But more to the point, he banned France! I have never seen such a play before.

Ghosty said...

Hi Kevin ... glad I finally made it over here. :)

And, Good god, you aren't missing a thing. 1938media.com is absolutely right about Seesmic. Video as conversation device is a really bad idea, and no one but kids should want to build their entire site in flash anyway. (And, yes, dark gray is a horrible color for video.)

But there the usefulness ends, because HE isn't all that attractive, his assertion about Americans is asinine, and what IS his beef with flash loaders? Not to mention that I, myself, just got done clicking on a video to hear a douchebag yak on about nothing (Seesmic). Yeesh, what a game of round-robin we're having here.

Nuts to that guy. Seesmic is a bad idea, Loren is kind of a boob ... yeah, running a start-up is hard, sure, but that's no excuse for poorly thought-out ideas.

Your blog, though, looks pretty cool. I'm not always such a hard-nose, don't push me away just yet. :o)

KevinD said...

Welcome to my humble abode!

Not a lot of good comes out of this blog, I can assure you :-)