20 May 2008

Cavalcade of La Rochelle

If you are lucky enough to be in La Rochelle this weekend, you are in for a big party.

The Cavalcade of La Rochelle is a weekend of floats, bands, street animation and hundreds of thousands of people celebrating the start of summer. It starts on Saturday 24th May and finished on Sunday. Last year, we witnessed the float parade at around midnight in the old port, probably having a beer or two in Fitzpatrick's Irish Bar (my local pub!).

It passes right through the City of La Rochelle and should not be missed, if you are around, leave a comment we could have a beer or two ;-) If you have young children, be sure to go on the Sunday as Saturday is a late one, finishes around 1-2am!


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Thanks for the link to your photos, a comment next time would be great!