27 May 2008

Photo's of the Cavalcade in La Rochelle

So here are some snaps of what went on this weekend in La Rochelle.

Tip for the organiser of the carnival, please do try to get the "floats" and bands/people walking closer to one and other, waiting 20 mins between some "floats" was too much for the average viewer. It made the entire parade take over two hours to pass us and must have been an age for those waiting at the old Port in the centre of La Rochelle!

All in all a reasonable day out, just could be more local businesses involved and a better website promoting it, maybe they could ask me next year to help?!

Waiting for the parade to catch up!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Am I too early for the party?

Shinade said...

Happy Birthday Kevin. A secret that has been kept very quite.

I didn't stumble a thing!

I hope you have a great day:-)))))