11 May 2008

Quebec / La Rochelle 400 years this week

In 1608, Samuel de Champlain, father of the "Nouvelle France", left La Rochelle, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and founded the city of Quebec (Qu├ębec) in Canada. This week saw the 400 year anniversary party in La Rochelle. On Thursday, the City of La Rochelle became very busy!
Take a look at the photo's and video's below, you may even find some young ladies strolling around (almost) naked covered in paint!!

The first video is the La Rochelle fishing students making nets.

Below is the Belem which was nearly as tall as the famous towers in the Old Port of La Rochelle.

Did I mention the ladies almost naked?

In La Rochelle's St Jean D'Arc Carpark, was a gourmet festival..Squid (Seches) and various other dishes were available for almost nothing..

Let the jousting begin!

Who are "these" girls?

And Finally, the Belem entered the Old Port in La Rochelle..

So we ate, drank and really had a great day watching the events unfold. Bravo La Rochelle, Congrat's Quebec.

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